Thomas RUMNEY 1804
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At Carlisle March the 30th 1804

ON which day personally appeared Ann Rumney and alledged that Thomas Rumney late of Stockdalewath in the Parish of Castlesowerby and diocese of Carlisle, Yeoman deceased, died intestate, without making any will, (so far as she doth know or believe.)  That she is the natural and lawful mother a of the said deceased.  Wherefore she prayed letters of administration of all and singular the goods, chattles, and credits of the said deceased, to be committee and granted to her the said Ann Rumney on her giving good and sufficient security in that behalf.

The said Ann Rumney was then sworn in due form of law to the truth of the premises, and to faithfully administer, and to exhibit a full and perfect inventory, and so forth, when she shall be thereunto lawfully required, and that the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased, do not amount to the value of three hundred pounds.

Before me M: Wheelwright Sur: 

The Condition of this Obligation is suth That if the above bounden Ann Rumney Administratrix of all and singular the Goods Chattles and Credits of Thomas Rumney her late Son. . .